Hi there happy and loyal readers!

You might notice that there is a distinct lack of new content being posted here over the coming few months. It is not because we have lost interest in the blog, or because we have been eaten by a crocodile (hopefully), but because we have accepted a job offer to work in Belyando Crossing, 200kms from civilisation for three months.

What is Belyando Crossing? It’s a roadhouse, a motel, a bar and a restaurant. It’s also our new home and place of employment. Located about 2 hours drive south of Charters Towers, Belyando Crossing has no internet or phone reception. Lets just let that sink in for a minute. No phone and no internet. For three months. This will certainly be interesting.

We have a hard-drive full of movies and TV shows that our friends at Jackaroo Mission Beach have shared with us and we have a one month supply of coconut milk in the car… so we feel prepared for the challenge.

We will be popping into town (making the 4 hour return drive) on our days off every few weeks to check in with the outside world, so few free to send us messages, pictures, emails and comments on Facebook so that we feel loved when we do hit mobile phone reception areas and our phones go crazy! Also look out for mass postings to Instagram to see what we have been up to!

So please forgive us for a quietness, we will be writing and you can look forward to seeing a WHOLE bunch of new posts in the new year.


Much travel love

Chill and Monique

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