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Raw Energy Bars

Don’t buy cereal bars in the supermarket. They are full of shit - I mean preservatives - added sugar, oil, colorants and genetically modified...

Chilli’s ‘happy birthday to me’ Pork Fillet

This dish could get really expensive if you don’t think it through. I made this for my birthday, because I deserve to have a...

chicken curry from scratch for Wazza

Free of gluten, lactose, fish & crustaceans. The chicken can be replaced by another vegetable source of protein, like tofu, tempeh or any legume...

Beef Stew – for those chilly nights.

So we were in Noosa, sub tropical paradise in beautiful Queensland, we were running away from Melbourne’s winter, so far everything was perfect, the...

Sausage & Veggies Stew on a bed of Wild Rice

Pre-word: Stop buying that white rice crap. Get brown rice, wild rice, black rice, red rice, green rice, who cares? Whatever floats your boat and...



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