St Lawrence 4

Address: St Lawrence Connection Road, St Lawrence

Location: Side of the road. 5.5kms from the Bruce Highway. We’re told that this campsite is 1km from the township of St Lawrence but we did not travel the extra 1km into the town to poke around.

Cost for an unpowered campsite: Free however you can choose to pay for a hot shower if you wish.

How to book: N/A

Nights we stayed for: 0

There is a rumour that this site will not be a free campsite for much longer. Word on the street is that the local St Lawrence 3Council plan to start charging for this campsite. We heard that because of this change the Council had just upgraded the toilet block and done a bit of a spring clean on the camping grounds. It came highly recommended by campers we met at Byfield National Park.

This is one of those times where campers in tents and campers in motor homes have very different ideas of what makes a good campsite. What our motorhome-dwelling camping neighbours saw as a great spot to spend a few days, we saw as a glorified carpark.

The entire surface of the camping grounds is gravel, with no dirt or grass to pitch a tent on. Shade is sparse in the camping areas and privacy is even harder to find. The site is large, big enough to hold maybe 60-70 campervans and motorhomes, however it is not catered for tents at all.

Facilities and amenities

The rumours regarding the facilities were true. The toilet block

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