The best part about being on a Working Holiday, as opposed to just working is that you are in the travel mindset. You make the most of your weekends and you are always thrilled by your new surroundings. Locals will offer you up money-cant-buy opportunities, you make both new friends and some money to allow you to travel for longer. Infact over the 12 months we have been on the road, we have made more money than we have spent! More on that in our 12 month budget wrap up. Working holidays are great – well, we reckon so anyway.

In the second 6 month stint of our Aussie Road Trip adventure (see the expenses of our first 6 months here) we departed Belyando Crossing, camped in the Queensland wet season, were inundated with snakes in our campsite, hit the beach, were surrounded by jellyfish and took this all as a good sign that it was time to look for work again. That plus the whole needing money to live thing. So we set of to the Scenic Rim, west of Brisbane to stat our new working holiday jobs at Scenic Rim Trail.

From this base we explored the Gold Coast, Queen Mary Falls, Stanthorpe, Toowoomba, Girraween National Park and Springbrook National Park.

We lived for two months in the picturesque town of Tregony, Qld. Never heard of it? Well neither has anyone in this areas either. (take a minute to click here and see what google images has to say about the town and you will understand why). Tregony does not even have it’s own postcode. Sad really. But the next closest towns were Maryvale, consisting of one pub and the tip, and Aratula, which is a much nicer and slightly more happening town with a bakery, greengrocer, cafe and a small collection of craft shops and petrol stations. Being is this remote location also meant that weekends spent with a book and a coffee, just admiring the view, were also a great escape from reality and almost a mini stay-cation when we decided to stay in.

After two months we up and left the Scenic Rim and headed along the Legendary Pacific Coast to explore a bit of NSW for a while. From late April – mid June we camped, housesat and stayed with family along the northern NSW coast. We saw whales, dolphins, camped with kangaroos and made echinda friends. We walked miles upon miles of endless beaches and took refuge from the storm of the decade!

All in all it was an action packed and very fulfilling 6 months. So how much did all this working holiday nonsense cost us? We averaged a cost of $31 per person per day.


This combined with our average spend of $25 per person per day for the first six months of the trip makes a combined average of $28 per person per day for a 12 month roadtrip! We also averaged an income of $33 per person per day – more on that here.

How did we do it, well I’m glad you asked. We keep a close eye on all expenses with an app called Expense Manager and every thing we spend gets tracked in there. Once a month I download the data and make these neat little tables for you to enjoy (if you’re a number-crunching nerd like me). I find they really help us to keep expenses in check and we can clearly see where we’re overspending and where we can afford to loosen the pursestrings. So here are our total expenses month-by-month from 16 January 2016 – 15 July 2016, you can see the month-by-month expenses for 16 July 2015 – 15 January 2016 here.

January 16 – 31

(first half of Jan can be seen here)

On 16 January we drove out of Belyando Crossing started our summer camping in Queensland. It was something that we had wanted to avoid; camping in Queensland during their rainy season, but after leaving Belyando Crossing 1 month early, we thought we’d give it a go. Also there had not been much rain yet in the season… until we set up our tent, naturally. Click here to learn more about this time of flood, snakes and camping in torrential rain. Needless to say we would not recommend it.

TOTAL $976Average of $33 per day per person
CostItem notes
Accommodation$318We were on the road for the full 2 weeks at the end of January, this amount covered us for 7 nights in Finch Hatton Gorge at the fabulous Platypus Bush Camp (Wazza threw in a free night for us because he's ACE), one night in a motel in Gladstone after running away from our snake-ridden free campsite at Caliope River and one week in Agnes Water.
Food$470We went a little nuts when we left Belyando Crossing, so the food budget blew out a bit here!
Car$111Fuel only
Equipment$61This month we purchased some new rope to hold down our tarp cover in gale force winds and a new clothes line, a new picnic rug, a gas bottle convertor for the cooker and a stockpile of gas bottles - just updating our equipment really
Entertainment$8A crossword book to keep Anai entertained!
Bathroom and laundry$8Coin laundry at Agnes Water

*no income for the second half of January.


February saw us continue to camp in the rain until we started work at the Scenic Rim on 14 Feb.

TOTAL INCOME$1,817Average income of $32 per day per person
CostItem notes
Accommodation$444In Feb 2016 we spent a few additional nights in Agnes trying to get out without being soaked! So we paid for an additional 6 nights at Agnes Water after the week that we originally intended to stay for. We then headed south to Noosa for 3 nights, further south to Coolum beach for 2 nights then onto our new staff accommodation at Scenic Rim Tours. We pay a small amount of rent here also ($35 per person per week) so that is included here too
Food$634A combination of eating out and camp cooking, plus a big supermarket shop when we started the new job and had a fridge again!
Car$413We had the car serviced in Feb, which cost $206, the rest is fuel
Equipment$20Postage to return a faulty item
Entertainment$44HDMI cable for TV and surf lesson in Agnes Water
Bathroom and laundry$21A full day at the laundromat after we were flooded camping!
TOTAL COSTS$1,576Average cost of $28 per day per person
Scenic Rim Trail wage
Weekend Notes (payable 1 April)

How much would your ideal Aussie Road Trip cost?

Find out here with our customisable and easy to use Budget Planner. This is the model we used to create our budget so we know it works.


March and April were spent working at the Scenic Rim and taking daytrips and weekenders to national parks, waterfalls and the Gold Coast.

TOTAL INCOME$5,911.90Average income of $95 per day per person
CostItem notes
Accommodation$487In March we paid only rent at our staff accommodation in the Scenic Rim as well as one a 2 night getaway to the Gold Coast which accounted for $184 of the accomm spend.
Food$670Mainly supermarket shopping
Car$154Fuel only
TOTAL COSTS$1,311Average cost of $28 per day per person
Scenic Rim Trail wage


TOTAL INCOME$5,912Average income of $99 per day per person
CostItem notes
Accommodation$374This accounts for our rent at the Scenic Rim as well as 2 nights in Byron Bay camping
Food$629We did a lot more eating at cafe and bakeries (plus kebab shops!) this month. After eating the same meals week in and week out in the Scenic Rim we were ready for a change.
Car$477Fuel plus $380 spent on 12 months insuance renewal
Equipment$205After our tent ripped into two in an unfortunate getaway to the Gold Coast, we had to buy a new tent this month. We also bought a couple of new tarps for camping in the cooler months.
TOTAL COSTS$1,685Average cost of $28 per day per person
Scenic Rim Trail wage


We left the Scenic Rim on the last days of April and begun our 5 week Legendary pacific Coast journey, covering Byron Bay, Lennox Head, the Gold Coast, South West Rocks, Camden Haven and much much more.

CostItem notes
Accommodation$640We were camping on the expensive NSW coast so this accounted for:
3 nights in Lennox Head, 4 nights Evans Head, 3 nights Urunga, 6 nights Trail Bay Goal and one week in Byron Bay.
Food$873Supermarkets, a lot of kebabs and bakery pies plus ice for the esky.
Car$252Mainly fuel plus $22 for new wiper blades.
Equipment$50Some new tent pegs and a toolbox to replace the one we drove over (whoops!). Plus some ropes to hold down the tarps in strong winds we were having.
Entertainment$13A new frisbee! Plus a few rounds of pool at the pub.
TOTAL COSTS$1,828Average cost of $29 per day per person
Scenic Rim Trail wage
Store credit for returned equipment
TOTAL INCOME$2,450Average income of $40 per day per person

You can see more about our travels along the Legendary Pacific Coast here.


The start of June was spent hauled up in a fancy pants hotel room sheltering from the storm of the decade. We know when to call it and the weather that was predicted was just not going to be fun in our little tent. We also had a bit of money from our Scenic Rim job so we splurged on a spa suit for a few nights, before starting a new housesitting gig in Cabarita Beach, NSW for the remainder of the month.

CostItem notes
Accommodation$523Three nights in the Mantra Salt when the storm of the century blew in!
Car$142fuel only
Public transport$23train to Brisbane for Anai's citizenship test!
TOTAL COSTS$1417Average cost of $23 per day per person
WeekendNotes payment
TOTAL INCOME$63Average income of $2 per day per person

July 1 – 15

The first 2 weeks of July, Monique was flying solo while Anai went to Chile to visit family. As she was housesitting, her expenses were super low, food only infact!

TOTAL $255Average of $15 per week
CostItem notes

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