Overall rating

A large, clean and well-situated camping grounds. The price is a little steep for what you get, as $25 per night for an unpowered site with no camp kitchen or common areas, however if you’re in need of a hot shower and want access to drinkable water for a while, this is a picturesque and easy place to stay. It is also an easy drive to Cape Hillsborough National Park for the sunrise treat of kangaroos on the beach.

Ducks at Seaforth camping groundsAddress: on the Esplanade at Seaforth, you cannot miss it.

Location: on the beach and located between the only 2 shops in town. Close to the Bowls Club for cheap grub and events.

Cost for an unpowered campsite: $25 per person per night, however discounts are available for stays of 7 nights and more.

How to book: There is a small office onsite, so you can turn up or call ahead and book with Bob the caretaker on 0427 373 358.

Nights we stayed for: 2, Friday and Saturday in August 2015.

About Seaforth

A cosy little coastal gem, this town has more holiday houses than permanents and about half the foreshore is taken up by the camping grounds. The entire town has a relaxed vibe, very beachy and central Queensland. Beach at SeaforthBe sure to bring in most of your won supplies as there are only two stores in town, one is a post office / fish and chips shop and the other a bottle shop / petrol station. Both have some supplies, fresh fruit, cookies, chocolate, rice, pasta etc, however you would not want to rely on them as your sole source of food for more than a couple of days. See here for a little more info about Seaforth.

General comments about the campsite

Seaforth Camping ReserveThe camping grounds are quite large, however when we were there it was only half full. I think at capacity it could get quite noisy. There does not appear to be a bad site in the grounds, all are well situated, close to amenities. Some are closer to the beach than others, however that is inevitable. There are no beach views from the campsite due to the thick vegetation so it is not a huge advantage to be any closer to the beach. That vegetation does however save the campsite from the gusty winds that can blow along the beach in the evening.

You might want to think about heading to bed early here, as the garbage truck comes through at 7am, at least they did on the Saturday morning that we were there. When you’re sleeping in a tent a garbage truck emptying bins into itself 6 metres from your bed, it sounds like you’re waking up to a car crash. As this a council owned site, maybe they could reconsider the timing of the garbage collection.

This is a very family friendly park. By that I mean there were a lot of kids around. This is to be expected, but I do much prefer a park where I don’t have to watch out for kids in unexpected places and listen to parents trying to settle them down after a full day of running around. If you don’t mind kids, or have some of your own, then this is a great place for them to play and meet some new friends. Especially at sunset when the birds come out and kids chase them around the park. There is also a BMX track in town for the little guys, of little guys at heart.

Site specific comments

The sites are large, officially they are 10×6 metres however it is difficult to differentiate between sites and find the boundaries, so it’s all just a bit of a free-range camping style. All sites are close to bins and taps with drinkable water. Sites are all grassed however some are on a pretty steep slope, best to leave these for the caravans who can chock up one side and stick your tent on flatter ground.

Amenities and facilities

DSC_0914The camping grounds has two blocks of toilets, with flushing loos and hot showers for 20cents. You will need 40cents for enough hot water to wash your hair and yourself. The amenities are old, but clean and have all-ability access.

One small note about the toilets for Mackay Council: guys, and I assume that it is only men who manage and administrate these camp grounds, you need to install some Pink Bins in the ladies toilets. I guarantee you that the Council already has an account with them, just add the caravan park into their pick up route. Please. It’s the simple things that make life a lot more comfortable for your female guests.

Apart from the toilets and showers, there is not much in the way of amenities in the park. The Council forsehore is dotted with half a dozen gazebos and free BBQs and a couple of these fall within the camping grounds. The BBQ areas also have power outlets for kettles and mobile phones and the such, but no other power is available.

There is a kids playground on the camping grounds and a laundry that is either still being built or being repaired after cyclone damage. For $25 a night, the park does not actually offer you all that much. It is lovely, but the price is a bit steep for what you get. It is really little wonder that the National Park down the road was booked out weeks in advance. For $6 per night you get the same facilities, but without the hot showers and access to a power point.

Location comments

Sunset view at Seaforth beachIt is hard to be in a bad location in Seaforth. The town is made up of about 4 streets, most of which are a stones-throw from the beach. However, the camping grounds are in a really good spot. Easy access to the beach, shops, foreshore, swimming nets and bowls club – which is the most happening place in town.

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