Holiday & Short Term Room for Rent in Paradise!

After exploring the east coast of Australia for a little over a year we have settled in what we think is the most beautiful place we have ever seen: Mission Beach. The town sits 2 hours south of Cairns, between the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. It is home to endangered wildlife and pristine beaches… and we have just signed a lease on a 2 bedroom house here for 6 months!

Because we want to share this stunning, chilled out, paradise of a town with other people of the same mind-set (and because we want to offset our rent a little) we are very selectively renting out our second bedroom as a holiday or short term rental. Ideally we want to rent to people who are mates with our mates and who we know will fit into our household vibe.Mission Beach

We both work full time so you would have the house to yourself quite a lot, we want you to have a cheap and cheerful holiday with us in paradise and you are more than welcome to join us on trips that we might do on our days off to the waterfalls or whatever we might get up to.

A little about Mission Beach:

  • 2 hours south of Cairns
  • 2.5 hours north of Townsville
  • Stunning – like…. absolutely fucking gorgeous beaches
  • lots of coconuts
  • you can swim freely in the ocean from May – start of November (approx) but after November the stingers come in and you can only swim in the stinger net, which is about 150m from our house, or in our pool after enjoying a day of sun-baking on the beach with an incredible view!
  • Easy access to the Family group of islands, including Dunk Island
  • Mission Beach is famous for 3 things; beaches, cassowaries and sky divingmission beach

About us:

  • Two women, a couple, in our early 30s (who refuse to grow up)
  • Hospitality workers; one chef and one barista/manager
  • Between us we have backgrounds in Arts and Event Management and Journalism, for more of our background, click here
  • Relaxed, hard working and fun loving
  • Love to spend days off at the beach
  • We like a few drinks and a game of pool and live music
  • Love to laugh
  • Travellers
  • Chili is a native Spanish speaker, if that helps you out at all!

A little about your room in paradise:

  • 2 bedroom unit (one of only four so there is very little noise)
  • 1 street back from the beach
  • air-con in the rooms
  • double bed with linen provided, just bring a towel and you’re setIMG_1912
  • TV, DVD player, bluetooth speakers etc all for you to use as you wish
  • we have a pool that you’re more than welcome to take dip into
  • 200m from the main part of town, a couple of great bars, lots of restaurants, cafes, clothing shops and a small supermarket
  • outdoor setting for al fresco dining and living also!
  • space for parking your car in our driveway
  • rent is $150 for the weekend (Friday/Saturday night or Saturday/Sunday night) or $250 for the week. This is for either one or two people. Other lengths of stay (e.g. 1 night or 10 days) can be arranged, just get in touch with us for a price, we wont bite!
  • There is really only one house-rule (besides treating out stuff with respect). That is that there is no seafood allowed in our house. Monique is allergic. You are welcome to enjoy the seafood of the region in the restaurants in town, but just not in the house please.IMG_1724

How to get to Mission Beach?


If you are already in North Queensland you can drive to us! Just jump on the Bruce Highway and head south from the Cairns region or north of the Townsville region.


You can fly into either Cairns or Townsville. Cairns is generally cheaper to fly into and and Jetstar runs specials quite often on flights between Melb/Sydney and Cairns outside of school holiday times.

From Cairns airport you can either:

The Greyhound bus leave Cairns at 6:45am, 8:15am and 1:45pm everyday. the Greyhound bus stop in Cairns is located at the Reef Fleet Terminal on Pier Point Rd. to get here from the airport you will need to take the public airport link bus ($4) to Sheridan Street and then walk about 1.5kms to the Reef Fleet Terminal (close to the public lagoon so you can take a dip if you like!). Or just take a taxi, it’s only about 7kms form the airport so wont cost you too much.

The Greyhound will drop you off at the Transit Centre in Wongaling Beach, which is a sub-suburb of Mission Beach and about 6kms from our house. If you arrive on our days off or after we have finished work we can collect you from the Greyhound stop and take you on a little tour of the town on our way back home. If you arrive while we’re at work you will need to take a taxi from the Greyhound Terminal to our house, as there is only a public bus on Friday and Saturday nights here, or you can take a walk along the beach to reach our place if you’re keen and not carrying more than a backpack. It’s about a 6km walk along the beach to our place and if the tide is high you may need to wade across a small river to get to us. I love this walk but it wouldn’t be a lot of fun carrying a suitcase!

You can get back to Cairns on the Greyhound with daily departures from Mission Beach (Wongaling) at 10:05am, 6:20pm and 8:20pm. The Greyhound will cost you $24 each way from Cairns to Mission Beach, plus $4 to take the local bus from the airport to Sheridan Street in Cairns and depending on what time you arrive.

The Mission Link bus runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and departs from Cairns airport once on these days at 2.30pm. The Mission Link bus takes a little longer to reach Mission Beach than the Greyhound as it runs via Tully first. You will arrive at Mission Beach at 5.30pm. The Mission Link Bus will cost you $100 return (or $55 if you just go one way) from Cairns airport to the main part of Mission Beach. You will be dropped 200m from our door, or if you ask nicely, the driver might actually deliver you directly to our house!

You can get back to Cairns on the the Mission Link Bus on the same days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the bus will pick you us from our house, or downtown (200m away) between 6.30am and 7am and deliver you to the airport at 10.15am.

  • Hire a car and drive yourself to Mission Beach

By far the easiest way to get to and from Mission Beach is to hire a car, however it is also the most expensive. But it does give you the freedom to do a lot of sightseeing while you are here. You can easily hit Murray Falls, Tully Gorge, Josephine Falls, Mamu Tropical Skywalk, Paronella park and Babinda Boulders all in a few short days! Cheap car hire can be found at Cairns Airport through Red Spot. Red Spot have cars available from $91 per day. If you’re here for more than a couple of days and are saving cash on accommodation by staying with us at our super cheap rental fee, then why not splash out and hire a car to get you about this beautiful area?!IMG_1720

So to recap, we are looking for happy, friendly people to share our house with on a short term basis. You get a great holiday and we get someone new to talk to (this is a very small town)! Rates are $150 for 2 nights over the weekend or $250 for the full week. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at all.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!


Monique and Chili