Housesitting is a great way to not only save money, but also see more of a city, area or town. When you’re housesitting, you really get to become immersed in the town, the culture, the lifestyle. All of which gives you a great opportunity to shake off that tourist tag that you have been carrying around for the last who-knows-how-long!All of this plus you get to use a fridge where no-one will steal your bread or yoghurt, and you don’t have to line up for the shower! There are seriously so many reasons to housesit, our top 10 reasons to housesit can be found here.

Housesitting jobs can last from two or three days up to one year (or more!). Generally the housesitting opportunities are advertised via housesitting websites, such as TrustedHousesitters, and interested sitters can apply for the jobs via a short into email and a link to your profile. Keep in mind that home owners may receive many, many, many applications and might be slow to get back to you. Don’t hassle the home owner, that wont help anything, just let them take their time and the homeowner is too slow to reply and you have to make alternate plans, then it was just not meant to be.

Most housesitting opportunities will come with a pet to look after too, for us this is a bonus as we are travelling we cannot have pets right now, and love meeting all the personalities of the pets we look after. They also get us out of the house on days when it can be tempting to relax and just enjoy the creature comforts of life in a real house (as opposed to our mobile first home). We tend to look after dogs a lot as they require walks and cuddles, both of which we can offer in abundance. Make sure you pick housesits with animals the suit your, and your lifestyle. This is imperative. Actually it’s so important that I’m going to repeat it; make sure you pick housesits with animals the suit your, and your lifestyle! The homeowner is trusting you with their pet’s health and happiness. That is not something to take lightly. Have a read of our tips and tricks to becoming a great housesitter for more info about pet care.

Be aware that you are entering and looking after someone house, their inner most sanctum. Please be sure to respect your homeowner’s privacy and to follow all the rules and request that they lay out. These are generally not onerous, but they do make a world of difference to the homeowner. A homeowner who has a great housesitting experience is much more likely to re-list their house the next time they go away, creating more opportunities for other nomads.

Interested in signing up?

Globally TrustedHousesitters is the biggest housesitting website, with opportunities to stay for free in Spanish bedsits, Australian rural properties, Central American villas and much much, much more. We are huge advocates for Housesitting and this site is great place to start. The membership fee will easily pay for itself as the gigs start to roll in. When you sign up, please make sure register via this link so that we get a nice little ‘thank you’ from Trusted Housesitters too. It all helps to keep us on the road for that little bit longer!

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