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Want to leave your job, house and life behind and live life on the road instead? Whether your desire is to travel the world of tour your own country, every journey is unique and often the scariest part can be the decision to go. A life of travel is entirely possible (and extremely recommendable) however you are going to need to do a lot of research before you leave the house. We can help with that!

 International jobs 

While the fashion at the moment is skewed towards travel blogging and somehow pulling an income from being an Instagram influencer, for those who like to work with their hands, or whom prefer (like us) to work within the community you’re living, this new resource will be of much assistance. Search Jobs Abroad is just as it sounds, an International JobSearch database featuring jobs who are happy to accept foreign applicants. Head over to the site and start to dream of where you would rather be, or where your next long-term stopover might be. 


Trusted Housesitters are the biggest housesitting website globally with opportunities to stay for free in Spanish bedsits, Australian rural properties, Central American villas and much much, much more. We are huge advocates for Housesitting and you can read our advise about housesitting here. The membership fee will easily pay for itself as the gigs start to roll in. When you sign up, please make sure to do it via this link so that we get a nice little ‘thank you’ from Trusted Housesitters too.

Airbnb is a personal favorite – what a great idea for people with spare space to make some extra cash. We love the idea that people can work together to help each other and make travel even cheaper. Just brilliant. You will also receive a $28 travel credit when you join Airbnb by using this link. You can wither use Airbnb as we do, as an accommodation service, or as an additional stream of income if you have a spare room, or even a tent to pitch in your yard.

Hostelworld was my ‘go-to’ website when I was backpacking around South and Central America in my early-twenties (so not all that long ago *wink*).  This is the hostel bible (but with the convenience of being online). Be sure to save this link as one of your favorites before you head to the airport. I found it very useful and coupled with word of mouth was about all I needed for my accomm needs!

On my last trip to Japan and also Cambodia, Bali and Vietnam, I found Hostelworld good for most part however I cross-checked some of the prices against the prices of the same hotels/hostels on and found that was CHEAPER most of the time. So naturally, I booked through them. This is not always the case, but if it worked for me in parts of Asia, it is well worth running your chosen hostels through just to see if you can save yourself some, Yen, Pesos, Dollars, etc.. etc…  

Travel Insurance and Self Care on the Road

If you’re leaving your home country, then this is a MUST. We use World Nomad because they are cheap and reliable. They are also the Lonely Planet travel insurer of choice – so that is a pretty good recommendation too! You can get a quote here.

We never want to see another person slapping a sausage in bread and calling it dinner. Come on guys, just because you’re traveling it doesn’t mean that you have to eat like shit. Infact, because you’re living a haphazard life you need to look after yourself more. Pump some nutrients into that body and it will keep you going for longer. So… how do you eat like a king on a joker’s budget? With a bit of time and creativity, it’s really quite easy. We are not the only ones who are creating healthy and amazing meals on the road though. Check out these other smarty-pants peeps who can save you a lot of headaches, time and illness just by knowing how to eat properly on the road.

Nick created Fuck Pasta n Ketchup after being on the road for 5 years. He has visited to more than 50 countries and lived in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Ecuador, Fiji and New Zealand, all the while he cooked up a freaking storm and is now showing you how to do the same. The book is less than $10 and a great read. You can download the English, Spanish or German versions of the book as an easy to carry PDF at by clicking here!


 Can travel be financially viable and sustainable?

We are certainly not the only ones living this AMAZING lifestyle, there are hundred if not thousands of travel bloggers, experts and nomads roaming the globe. How can you become one of them? Here are some resources which we recommend and support.


Wandering Earl. On December 25th, 1999, Earl left the USA for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia, he has not stopped travelling since. This is one real-life story about someone who made a life of travel possible, whilst starting with a bank account balance of $1500. I (Monique) an a big follower and cheerleader for Earl and his travel tips and advice. Click here to learn more about Earl and/or purchase his book.

ytravelebooky Travel Blog. Caz and Craig Makepeace have been travelling on and off for 16 years, 10 years ago they started their blog, y Travel Blog 10 years ago and help people to start their travel dreams through the blog and their books. Caz and Craig now travel with their two kids, proving the the travel dream does not have to end once kids are in the picture. You can click here to visit y Travel Blog and purchase their book.

How-to-Get-Free-Accommodation-Book-Cover The Professional Hobo. Nora Dunn has been traveling the world since 2007! She writes for a range of financial publications and is traveling money master. In her first six years of travel, Nora saved over $63,000 in accommodation expenses – and teaches you how to do the same in her book How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World. Click here to view more details. Nora is like a travel goddess, her word is as solid as a rock and she has the lifestyle to prove it.

No money? No problem. You can start packing your bags for that trip you’ve been dreaming a lifetime about. Matt Kepnes tells you how in this great read, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Revised: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter. Imagine how long you could travel for if your daily costs were $50 or even lower in some parts of the world. The possibilities!

Where to go and what to do there

No travel research would be even close to complete without a deep read through the Lonely Planet guide for the country you’re planning to visit. Nowadays though, modern backpackers do not have to schlep around heavy books to have this amazing resource at their fingertips, you can download e-readers and make the most of your wait time at train stations an on planes. Be sure to skip over to Lonely Planet’s website for specific titles or click here for current discounts and special rates across the Lonely Planet range.


Get your butt off that Greyhound bus and actually explore Australia! This is a very safe country and the there is a reason the camper van hire business is BOOMING right now, they’re freaking ace. You get your car, bed, cooker, fridge and the freedom to choose your own adventure all in one tidy little package. You can hire through major or independent companies, each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Here is a brief overview of the market.

campervan-hire-3Wicked Camper Vans are the budget end of the scale. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very affordable. Click here for a quote and find out just how cheap travel in Oz can be.

Juicy Vans are by far the most popular of the bunch. We have seen more Juicy vans on the road than all the others put together. They are clean and new. Their marketing is slick. There is a reason they are so popular.

click here to get a full run-down of the rental vans in aus

Making Money

WeekendNotes is a great way to earn a little bit of pocket money whether you are travelling or at home (in Australia). You just need to be able to get your thoughts down onto paper (or a computer screen) succinctly, have an interest in getting out and about to explore your town and want to inspire others to do the same. If you’re looking to start writing for WeekendNotes, use this link to sign up. By using THIS LINK WeekendNotes will know that I have referred you to the site. I (Monique) will also be able to read and track your articles and give you tips on how to get more readers, how to stylise your articles and how to get ideas for articles. It’s like a buddy system for your first dozen or so articles and can help immensely when you first get started.

Super Star BloggingWant to start a travel blog but are not sure how to MAKE MONEY out of it? Well Matt from Nomadic Matt (one of the most successful travel bloggers around) is here to tell you how. He offers two courses, with two more on the way. One is the basics of the travel blogging and how to make some coin out of it, the other is focused on travel photography (no pun intended). We recommend this blogging course because Matt has lived what he preaches. He is not an office-dweller who is sprouting shit about what life might be like on the road. Matt was a travel blogger before it was the done thing, he can teach you a thing or two.

Once you have your travel blog set up, you may want to go down the road of using sponsored posts or affiliate programs to make some money from your little online baby. We are not truly focused on making money from our blog, it’s more of a glorified hobby that will hopefully one day pay for its own hosting fees! However for those who want to give the whole digital nomad lifestyle a go, we recommend signing up to Cooperatize or Sponsored Reviews to get access to sponsored post opportunities.  

In regards to affiliate programs, we recommend only signing up to affiliate programs for products that you actually USE and TRUST. For us, that includes World Nomad Insurance and Trusted Housesitters

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