Don’t buy cereal bars in the supermarket. They are full of shit – I mean preservatives – added sugar, oil, colorants and genetically modified (gm) products. You are much better off investing some money in some dry fruit, real nuts, cereals and seeds and making them on your own. This literally takes 5 minutes work and your results can live in the freezer for up to a year, ready in waiting for when you need them.

This recipe can be alter for you to play with all sorts of flavour and texture combinations. I like to make apricot walnut, fig and almond, cherry and chocolate, peanut and/or chocolate – but you can use whatever appeals to you.

Raw Energy Bars

To make any of these flavours you will need to have your base ingredients of:

  • 1 cup of dates (really sticky ones)
  • 1 cup of activated cashews (get normal cashew nuts and “activate them” by soaking them in water for 3 hours and then let drain for 15 minutes on a strainer)
  • A food processor
  • Baking or waxed paper
  • A rolling pin


– Chuck the nuts and dates in the food processor and blast them for a couple of seconds.

– To that mush, add a handful of nuts and seeds of your choice for example a handful of almonds, or a mix of pepitas and walnuts, or sesame seed and peanuts – your call.

– Add a handful of dry fruit like apricots, or cranberries, or cherry, or figs. You are a big kid and can keep going with this endless list inside your head.

– Blast again for a few seconds in the food processor. If you want to, you can add a spoon of cocoa to give your raw energy bars a chocolatey flavour. This is the time to do that. Your result should be of a paste like consistency with chunks of nuts and little pieces of fruit.


– Tip the paste out from the food processor and onto a sheet of wax paper. At this point you can play with the mix and make a ball or a square. I choose top push it into the paper to flatten it, then cover with another sheet of wax paper and use the rolling pin to stretch into a big block – ready t be cut up into bars. You can make your life easier an just roll them into balls though, the taste will be the same.

– After rolling the bars flat or into balls, remove the top wax paper and sprinkle with coconut or seeds to make it look super hipster and cool, and then cover again with wax paper and softly pass the rolling pin over one more time to secure the seed/ flakes into the bars.

– Cover your bars (or balls) with wax paper and refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Raw Energy Bars slabResults

When you come back the next day your mix will have turned into a solid bar-like consistency, aka rigid. Get them out of the fridge and cut into squares or bar shapes the size you estimate will be a portion. Wrap the individual portions in wax paper or foil and keep in freezer. Take one with you on all your adventures – these are also great to lunch boxes and healthy morning tea treats. Nuts are a great source of protein and essential oils, and dry fruit are one of the less evil ways to consume sugar. I can guarantee these will hit the spot, stop your tummy from rumbling mid morning, and re-activate your brain to face the day.

Happy cooking, good looking!

from chilli with love

raw energy bars cut offs

P.S. Keep the cut offs to feed to anyone circling the kitchen so you can save the bars for when you need them – or stick them in a container in the fridge and snack on them as YOU wish

(mine did not last long).

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