Right on the beach, yet a safe distance back from the crocodile-infested waters, there are 15 well laid out and separate campsites called Noah Beach Camping Grounds. The camping grounds lies between Cape Tribulation and Thornton Beach townships and the costs shop is approx 2.5 kms away (to the north) and has a café, tourist info and general store for your basic needs. They are situation in the Daintree National Park.

DSC_1115 copyAddress: Cape Tribulation Road, 25km north of the Daintree ferry and 8km south of Cape Tribulation village.

Location: A safe 50m from the beach, in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest. Perfection….!


Cost for an unpowered campsite: $5.95 per person per night

How to book: Book online using the ParksQ system or on the phone via the Queensland-wide National Parks booking service on 13 74 68. NOTE. Noah Beach camping area is closed from the first Sunday after New Years Day until Good Friday each year. This is due to the wet season.

Nights we stayed for: 2 in early October

About Cape Tribulation

noash beach campingI (Monique) LOVE Cape Tribulation. I love the isolation and the wilderness, the rainforest noises and the lush greens of the place. I even tried to convince Anai to spend the wet season in Cape Tribulation when a job came up – a debate I did not win this time, but I’ll keep trying. The Daintree Rainforest at Cape Tribulation is the oldest rainforest in the world. It is older than the Amazon! It is chocked full of things that could kill you, or at least do you a lot of harm to you and yet it is breathtakingly beautiful. You can reach the Great Barrier Reef within 30 minutes via boat or stay on land and make the most of a range of walking tracks and local fruit and tea growing ecotourism. I will be writing up a full article shortly about Cape Tribulation, lets call it research for when we return next time, so look out for that for more info about Cape Trib.

General comments about the campsite

Commercial camping at Cape Tribulation can be expensive. This is a much-desired tourist destination and a very special part of the world. To get a campsite in such a magical and touristic place for only $6 per person per night shows how dedicated the Queensland Government are to sustainable and budget travel. Noah Beach campsite is run by the Queensland Park and Wildlife Service and has the basic facilities you need for camping, as well as being remote enough to enjoy the tranquility of the rainforest that Cape Tribulation is renowned for. We only stayed for two nights, I would have liked to stayed for longer however we were travelling with a friend at the time who had a strict itinerary. I would recommend a week’s stay for anyone who likes to really get in touch with their surrounding, or who is looking for a peaceful break from the world. After staying in the commercial campgrounds of the Cairns northern beaches for four nights, Noah Beach was a cheap, natural and genuine campsite was a welcomed chance to reconnect with nature and ourselves.

Site specific comments

DSC_1093We stayed on site number 5, which was close to the toilets and right next to a walkway to the beach. All the sites are laid out differently, most with one or two sandy tent pads. Be sure to look online at the campsite map and info when booking your site, as you could be in for a surprise if you’re in a tent and accidentally book van site. Be sure to pre-book to get a site with the configuration that suits your needs. It will make your stay a million times easier and more enjoyable. All sites have full or partial shade, so are not great for charging solar panels, however you are only a short 50m stroll form the beach which has full sun for most of the day. All sites back onto rainforest bushland and no one site is superior to another.

Amenities and facilities

DSC_1133 copyThe camping grounds have a composting toilet system and four individual cubicles. The toilets look new and are very clean and well-stocked with paper. Bins are not provided at the campsite, as there are too many animals around that they may attract, so you must take all your rubbish away with you. There is running water however it is not treated and therefore not drinkable. Be sure to bring enough water with you for the duration of your stay. Besides that, it’s just you, the rainforest and Noah Beach.

Location comments

DSC_1107Cape Tribulation, which hosts Noah Beach and the Daintree National Park, is a 3-hour drive north of Cairns. You will pass by Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas on the way, both of which are great places to stop for a few hours of the night. You will need to cross a small river on the barge-ferry, which will cost you $25 for a return ticket. There is a petrol station in Thornton Beach however it is best to fill up on fuel before you leave Cairns.

For super-hot days, there is a safe swimming hole 2.5kms from the camping grounds. You should not swim in the ocean in-front of the campsite. This is croc-country! There are also marine stingers presenting the water form November to March. That said, we saw many of our camping neighbours jumping in the water and they came out with all their limbs – you could not pay me enough money to jump in there though. Croc fear is one that I am struggling to get over.

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