Image a life of travel, new adventures, constantly having new stimuli, never getting stale in your shitty job or bored of your local cafe or bar. Image a life where the moment that you wake up and think ‘I wish I could just pack up and leave this place’, you could. A life with no debts, no accumulation of stuff to weigh you down. A life of long term budget travel.

That is what partners in crime, travel and life, Anai (aka Chilli) and Monique were seeking when they left their cosy Melbourne lives in April 2015 and embarked on their biggest journey yet. A journey that would allow them to live the life they were dreaming of. A life of travel. A life of adventures. A life of tropical beaches, mountain crests and desert landscapes. A life that they didn’t need a vacation from!

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The idea behind The Colour of Sunshine sprung from us being bored with our lives. We wanted more. The only thing holding us back was fear. What if we failed? What if we lost everything? What is our friends and family laughed at us? But then again… what if they didn’t? What if we had the most amazing adventure anyone has ever had and all that was stopping us was a fear of failing?  

Nothing felt real about this adventure until the night before we left Melbourne. We had both quit our jobs, sold all our belongings, bought a car to take us around Australia (the first part of our journey), upgraded our tent, bought a solar power kit, said goodbye to our mates and packed all our remaining clothes and supplies into our suitcases… but is was not until we went to pack the car that it felt real.

What were we doing?! What were we thinking? Who did we think we were?! Ordinary people like us do not get to have adventures like the one we were planning. We’re not special people, we’re not rich, we didn’t have a backup plan. All hell broke loose as we tried to pack the car and failed to keep our nerves in check. It was the eve of our big adventure and we were fighting like we have not fought in a long time. In terms of domestic disagreements, this was a doozy, with us both refusing to acknowledge that we were just scared.

Fast forward 18 months and I can still vividly remember that fight and why we had it. The fear of failing. It is a fear that even after 18 successful months of budget travel we both still harvest and one that will probably be resurfacing constantly throughout this adventure. The fear that you are an imposter. That your life cannot be like those of the Instagram travellers. That you are not worthy. That you are not special.

Those fears are also exactly what this blog sets out to ease in our readers, as well as ourselves. We want to prove that if two ordinary kids from Santiago and Melbourne can live this life of long term budget travel… well you can too. We want to provide you with budget travel tips, budget-friendly destinations, ways to save money on the road, how to earn money on the road as well as keep our own fear in check by having a place to visit and reflect upon our journey so far.

The Colour of Sunshine also has a focus on food, with one half of us a professional chef and the other half suffering from a life-threatiening food allergy, food is constantly in the forefront of our minds! We want to share with fellow travellers hostel and campsite friendly recipes. There is no need to live on 2 minute noodles or pasta and ketchup. Actually, please don’t do this. You need to fuel your body well if you want it to look after you and take you to all the places you want to visit. We also share tips about travelling long term with a food allergy, as well as personal stories aimed at other food allergy sufferers – because if you can’t make the situation go away, then you need to be open, honest and able to laugh at your allergy!

So that is why we are here, we hope you’ll join us for the ride!


Chilli and Monique


P.S. we love to hear readers stories about their own ‘oh shit, what are we doing’ moment. Maybe it was boarding the plane, maybe it was the commute home after quitting your job. We’re sure that everyone who takes this leap into a nomadic existence, has their very own and very personal ‘ooohh… shit’ moment.

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