We were recently nominated for the Liebster Award by “Le Big Trip” – thanks so much guys! We still can’t believe that someone we have not personally met before took the time to read our blog. We’re stoked!

Firstly, what is a Liebster Award?

In a nutshell, it’s a chain that gets transmitted from blogger to blogger and that helps discover new emerging blogs.liebster2

The principle is quite simple:

  • Introduce yourself in 11 points
  • Answer to the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  • Pick 11 blogs
  • Ask them 11 questions

Secondly, why should you care?

Because word of mouth is amazing. It’s free and trustworthy. You can choose to read our responses below – we are pretty funny if we say so ourselves, or just jump to the bottom where we nominate 11 emerging blogs that we love so that they can inspire you too.

Now… to the task at hand.


Getting to know us, in 11 bullet points

  • We are a couple and have been together since 2008.DSC_0034 We are partners in everything we do, travel, life, dreams, cooking, cleaning and mischief.
  • The Colour of Sunshine got it’s name from an ongoing debate we have about… well… the colour of the sunshine. Anai is adamant that the colour of sunshine is orange and Monique knows it is yellow. This was a playful debate in our house for years, so when it came time to choose a name for our travel blog, we didn’t have to look too far to find a sentiment that both represented us, and our love of the endless horizon on the road.
  • We are 30 and 34 years old and don’t know what we want to do when we grow up.
  • We love food. Good food. Lots of food! Anai is a chef and Monique is allergic to shellfish, which means that even when we did have careers and money we did not eat out that often. Being on the road and being able to sample local produce and hit up farmers markets has made our foodie selves very happy.
  • Before this trip Anai never wore thongs (flip flops to all your Americans) and Monique never wore tracky dacks (tracksuit pants). True.
  • Every kangaroo we see on the road we name Bob, and we treat them like family. Incase you have not realised, we’re just a couple of big dorks.IMG_20151011_164603
  • Nothing happens in the morning until we have had at least two cups of coffee. Like… nothing.
  • We truly believe that no job or relationship is worth sacrificing your mental or physical health over.
  • Anai is a native Spanish speaker and everyday Monique is awe of how great her English is.
  • Monique backpacked through South, Central and North America in her early 20s, before living in Canada for while. She then took off to Europe with her Canadian housemate for a while before returning back home to Australia.
  • We used to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Monique was an event and hospitality manager and Anai a chef. These are demanding jobs. Life was stressful. Now we work when we want, have very little money and are much freeer. That pretty much sums us up really. We used to work to make our bosses rich, not we work to make ourselves happy.


Our responses to Le Big Trip’s 11 questions

  • Why do you blog?

Because we left. We quit our jobs, packed the car and fucked off. There were too many questions for us to deal with from all sides regarding this decision so we started to answer them via the blog. We soon found that many of the concerns and questions that our friends, family and co-workers had were the same questions that a lot of other travellers asked us on the road. Like… when will you be going home? How will you afford to live? How much does it cost you to do all this travel? Who do you think you are, you can’t just pack up and leave! (well that one was a judgement, and we don’t do negativity, so lets just say that we don’t think we’re special, we just love the open road and freedom on travel).

The blog has since become a reference point for anyone looking travel on a budget. We have been living in a tent and travelling the east coast of Australia. We keep track of every dollar we spend so we can let you know just how much it costs to do what we do, and we try to encourage others to do the same.

  • What is your best travel moment?

Horse-ride into the Andes in the Elqui ValleyTo be completely candid, because that is what our blog is all about, we both reacted with the same thing when we read this questions, ‘Shit, that’s a hard one, there are too many to choose from’. So here is our short-list.

But the most important part would have to be that we get to wake up together everyday, and neither one of us is stressed.

  • I also have to ask, what is your worst?

The worst part has been receiving bad news from back home, and not being around to support friends.

  • What are your travel plans for 2016?

The closest thing we have to a plan for 2016 is to:

  1. Get a job
  2. Save money
  3. Fly to Mexico for our close friends’ wedding anniversary celebration spectacular
  4. Holiday in Cuba

That’s about it. We are currently in Agnes Water and starting step 1 (get a job). We don’t know where this job will be, but we hope it will be on the beach somewhere. All we know is that we need to be in Mexico for mid-September for the celebrations, and while we’re there we plan on taking advantage of our close proximity to Cuba.

  • Did you meet someone who made an impact on you during your travels?

We have met a lot of inspiring people, be it campsite owners, other travellers or locals in the towns we visit. Each has left their mark on us, and changed our travel story in some way.

  • What is your favorite travel destination? not easy, I know

Anywhere we haven’t been yet.

  • If you could choose to live in a different country, which one would you choose and why?

Anai has already made that decision She migrated to Australia from Chile 9 years ago. She chose to stay in Australia because, as she says, it’s a fair country. You work and you get paid. There is a good work/life balance. Trades people are respected here. Plus we can do things like pack the car and leave, knowing that we can find work along the way and make ends meet. You can’t do that in every economy.

Agnes Water

  • Something you always have with you when you travel (other than your camera or travel guide)?

Nail clippers, that’s the boring answer. A sarong, that’s a little sexier. Monique always carries leave in conditioner for her un-tameable hair and Anai always carries her guitar.

  • A travel tip you’d like to share?

The hardest part is to step out of your rant door. Once you are out there, opportunities arise. Leaving is truly stepping out of your comfort zone, once you’ve done that then you just have to stay out there. Find the right balance in between having plans, and being able to go with the flow and you’ll be fine mate!

  • The craziest thing you’d like to do, linked to travel?

Isn’t what we doing already crazy enough? Everything that we own fits into our car. We live in a tent and we have no idea when or where our next pay check will come from. Was more do you want?! Oh yeah, we want to drive from Canada all the way down to Chile in a van one day. That might be a little crazier than this adventure. Who knows? We will see when we get there.

ellis beach camping

  • A travel blog that inspires you?

There are a few, these are the big ones that we read a LOT of before we set off travelling who really helped in calming the ‘is this the most stupid thing we have ever done’ nerves by knowing that we are not in this alone.

The Professional Hobo           Wanderlusters

Young Adventuress            Just One Way Ticket

Since being on the road however, we have read thousands of travel blogs. We love hearing other people’s stories, their tips and reading about their travel set ups.

The 11 blogs we nominate

  1. Fresh off the grid – because we love the idea of decking out a hatchback for camping
  2. travelnshit – because we love your style mate
  3. We are sole sisters – because we can associate and see ourselves reflected in your content
  4. Adventurous by Nature – because you’re ace and we love (Adventurous Women also)
  5. Leave your daily hell – because that is the best travel blog name we have ever heard
  6. Everlasting Adventures – because we love that you’re combining a travel blog with your love of literature and plans to become an author
  7. KMT Wanderlust – because your blog is the opposite of ours and that is refreshing. We like to know that someone is travelling in style!
  8. Flatter my senses – because food. Food. And more food.
  9. Luke away now – because we love South America as much as you do
  10. Adam the traveler – because your photos are as stunning as your words
  11. Norris around Australia – because we’re impressed with the amount of Oz you’ve covered, and we love a fellow camper.

11 questions for our nominated blogs

1. What is the first vacation or travel memory you have? (Maybe you started travelling young, or maybe as an adult)
2. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
3. Who would actually be cast to play you in a movie about your life?
4. Is there one place you have been that you recommend above all others?
5. Do you travel full time or have a home base that you bounce from?
6. Give us your top budget travel tip!
7. What were some highlights of 2015 for you?
8. How do you stay physically healthy whilst on the road?
9. Favourite food (we had to ask, we’re food obsessed!)
10. Tell us a story about a time when things went horribly wrong.
11. Three words do describe your travel style.

We look forward to reading your (no doubt witty) responses!

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