Finding blissed out surf towns like Lennox Head is one of the reasons we travel. Made up of two quite distinct areas, the Lennox Head township and the hills towards Ballina. The flat-lying townships is full of locals, young families, surfers, skaters and gromits of all ages. You can get great organic produce, bulk grains and local honey. Most places will serve you a non-dairy smoothie or fresh-make juice and there is no shortage of tummy-filling grab and go meals either. The bakery does a mean burger and the local produce shops all have ready made veggie meals and salads.

The hills of Lennox Head all have stunning ocean views and are all hitting the million dollar mark, if not surpassing it. This is your new Lennox Head crew, the holiday makers, the sea-changers and the generally rich and powerful. You know – not us.lennox head lookout

Lennox Head is a special place for us. The first time we took a roadtrip form Melbourne to Byron Bay we had shitty weather, cold nights and were all-round lacking that real warmth and chilled out vibe that we were seeking, until we hit Lennox Head. We pulled our rental van up to the Pat Morton lookout as the sun started to shine down upon us. We looked out over the views and just felt ourselves defrost and shake loose all the stresses we were running away from. I’m not even trying to be melodramatic – that is pretty much exactly how it went down, here is photo evidence.

lenon head anai east caost road trip

Well, that was three years ago now (Aug 2013) and we were pumped to get back to the place that had made up feel alive again.

We were not disappointed. From the moment we drove back into Lennox Head we felt relaxed and at home. It’s like a mist of Valium just hits you when you get to Lennox – I can’t explain it any other way.

Things to do in Lennox Head

Our number one thing to do in Lennox Head is to walk up to the Pat Morton Lookout, over the headland and across to the next beach. The walk first takes you from the township of Lennox Head up to the Pat Morton Lookout, great for watching the surfers, spotting whales and getting a million dollar view. If you’re keen, then keep walking up the stairs and follow the path to the top of the headland, then down the other side along the mowed out grass path. From here you can walk all the way down to the next beach, which maybe called Boulders Beach (if memory serves me correctly – which is unlikely). Lennox Head Our second favorite thing to do in Lennox Head is DO NOTHING! That is what this town is great for. Chilling out, strolling the beach, hitting the waves if you’re super keen but otherwise, idling away the days relaxing in your own little bliss bubble.

Surfers will be in paradise as there are a number of breaks, none of which ever seem to be too crowded. Lennox is also famed (apparently Internationally) for it’s right-hand point break. For aspiration surfers, Stoked Surf School hosts classes in Lennox.

You can also take a walk around Lake Ainsworth, particular at sunset. Don’t be put off by the brown tinge to the water, it is only from the large amount of tea trees plated around the lake. The Lake is reputed to have therapeutic qualities and houses the Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre. But seriously, the sunsets are incredible. Check this beauty out.

If you happen to be in Lennox on a Sunday, then you might be able to catch the Lennox Community Markets. They’re held on the second and fifth Sundays of the month from 8am to 2pm at the Community Centre just behind the Lennox CBD. 


Events in Lennox Head

lennox head pelicans

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Accommodation in Lennox Head

We stayed at the North Coast Holiday Park. It’s not cheap camping but it is close to town and is the only option unless you illegally camp in your van in the beach carpark. Tip: If you stay at North Coast Holiday Park, make sure to use the middle amenities block for your showers. They look older but have the sort of water pressure that campers can only dream of, the other two amenities blocks have the worst showers in the world. Your other options for legal accommodation are a few offerings from airbnb for private rooms around the $70- $90 per night mark or the Lennox Beach Resort – which does great last minute deals. Pretty much everything else is over $200 a night.

Stuff to do around Lennox Head

Lennox Head is located in the Ballina Coast region of the Pacific Coast. The ‘capital’ of this region is Ballina, a pretty town with nice riverside walks. Nice for a day out shopping or walking the rivers and beaches, but there is not much else to really see. One of the main tourist attractions seems to be a giant prawn next to the Bunnings. True story. Most travellers visit Ballina because it is the closest airport to Byron Bay, or because there is an Aldi supermarket there.

The Thursday Plantation in Ballina is worth a visit if you prefer natural health products and medications. If you want to head inland, follow Tourist Drive 28 through small towns with nice cafes, historic monuments and what was once a rainforest. We didn’t do this driver ourselves, but would be keen to hear from anyone who does. We chose to head to Bellingen instead.

While in Ballina, wandering about the coastal tracks, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whales in the winter months. Great whale watching spots are the Ballina Head Lookout and Black Head in East Ballina.

Also along the highway, you will see signs for the Macadamia Castle. The owners of the Macca castle must have friends in high places because there are more signs for this place than for Byron Bay! It’s ridiculous. Because curiosity got the better of me, I researched it and found that it is a cafe, nut bar and animal park. It’s about the tackiest thing we have seen in NSW, so you can just ignore the sign and keep driving, ready to spend more time in this coastal paradise.

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