After first visiting this norther Asian country over 10 years ago, Monique ventured back in 2016 for a brief backpacking getaway – an interlude from our Australian roadtrip if you will. The experience was certainly different that what I had in my teens, but it was so much more than what I was expecting. Japan is a diverse, conflicting, beautiful and easy country to travel, I can’t wait to go back and share my discoveries with Anai!

Thinking of heading to Japan, here are a few articles to get your plan on.

Tips for budget travel in Japan

Japan often gets overlooked by budget travellers as being simply out of reach. Too expensive. Too complicated. Too far away. This is simply not true. You need to compare travelling Japan to travelling Europe or the USA. Many travellers compare ...
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How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Japan?

Japan is really no more expensive than travelling around Australia, USA or part of Mexico. It only gets the ‘expensive’ tag when compared to South East Asian countries such as Thailand or Vietnam. I spent two weeks backpacking Japan, generally ...
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Temple Hopping in Kyoto: Hidden Gems and Escaping the Crowds

The main temples of Kyoto are easy to find - just follow the crowds and you will trip over Kiyomizudera Temple, Nanzenji shrine and Fushimi Inari shrine. Infact when I arrived in Kyoto the gentleman behind reception handed me a ...
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Temple hopping in Kyoto: The ‘must sees’ and major attractions

If you cannot find a temple or shrine that you're impressed by in Kyoto then you really shouldn't have bothered leaving home. They are everywhere and range from big, small, picturesque, elegant, quirky, popular, hidden, empty, overgrown, well manicured and ...
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Considering a Daytrip to Nara Park?

I had my reservations about this daytrip to Nara Park because I thought it might be a huge tourist trap - a circus I don't want a ticket for - however I told me to get over myself and come ...
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The good, the bad and the outstanding of hostel living in Tokyo and Kyoto

It's been quite some time (I won't say how many years) since I lived out of hostel dorm rooms, sharing a room with strangers and queuing for the shower. Only one day in and it all came flooding back to ...
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“Hola, como estas?” and other things you probably shouldn’t say to Japanese immigration officials

I have no idea how people speak more than two languages. How their mind is able to process which language is which and have the recall of the correct language at the right time. My mind is just not capable ...
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Why I Chose to Travel Japan solo with a shellfish allergy

Since I was diagnosed as anaphylactically allergic to shellfish and crustacea, I have not travelled overseas except to visit family in Chile. Like I mentioned in a previous post, this was a relatively safe trip because I knew that I ...
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