jackaroo misison beach chillingWe have been here at Jackaroo Hostel for just over two weeks and are well and truly part of the furniture already. It is so incredibly easy to feel at home here. There are a lot of backpackers who file in for one day, then head out the next day only seeing a small part of what this incredible town has to offer. We have written a full article on Mission Beach here so I will stick to talking about the accommodation, but be sure to read all about Mission Beach and please spend more than just one night here! Needless to say we are smitten with Mission Beach.

We are staying at the Jackaroo Hostel Mission Beach, however we are camping in the hostel’s own campsite instead of staying in the dorms. While we are here we are both working for accommodation, which means 3 hours per day devoted to the running and cleaning of the hostel per person, in return for free accommodation, free breakfast and full use of the hostel facilities, so we can talk with confidence about every aspect of the hostel. We know it inside and out!

13 Frizelle Road, Bingil Bay, Mission Beach

Location: in the middle of the rainforest and 2kms from the beach. 2 hrs south of Cairns. A free shuttle bus will collect you from the Greyhound Bus Station. 

How to book: via Jackaroo Hostel Mission Beach.

Nights we stayed for: 21


Jackaroo Hostel Mission Beach. is in the middle of the rainforest. Literally. The tree-house structure has 360 degree views into the wet tropical rainforest. Lets just back up for a minute here. YES, the TREEHOUSE that you will be living in has 360 degrees views of a world heritage listed rainforest! Bingil Bay Beach is about 2kms away and there is a café/restaurant/bar that sits between the hostel and the beach. This is only a short walk really and you can look out for cassowaries and butterflies the size of birds along the way!  Once you reach Bingil Bay Beach, you will know that it was worth the walk. This place is nothing sort of paradise. The position of the hostel is perfect for those who just want to chill out. The main township of Mission Beach is about an hour’s walk away, or only 10 mins on the free shuttle from the hostel, and the grounds of the hostel are large and relaxing.


Jackaroo mission beach campsiteThe camping area is a narrow and long stretch, big enough for about 8- 10 tents next of the hostel, however you’re not likely to have than many tents here at any one time. When we arrived there were three tents and now there are two (including us!). The camping area backs onto the bushland on both sides and it’s not rare to see wallabies and frogs from your tent and wake up to a gecko on your roof. The pic to the left is the view from our tent window into the rainforest. I had never thought that camping at a hostel would be at all attractive, however it is a nice treat. Luxury! You have full use of the hostel facilities however without having to share a dorm room. Not bad ‘ey.

Dorm Accommodation 

There are 7 clean and light dorm rooms (one for females only) plus 1 dorm room just for volunteer staff. These are all upstairs, with downstairs hosting four private rooms, each overlooking the pool and outdoor movie screen. 

The dorms are cleaned everyday and cleaned well, the kitchen is huge and well stocked and the bathrooms are enough for the size of the hostel. Your booking includes free breakfast and nightly activities or movies. A bed in a dorm room will cost you $25 per night. 


Jackaroo hostel mission beach poolBesides the stunning views, Jackaroo Mission Beach has a big pool, outdoor hammocks, a travel agent on site (Peterpans), reception open from 7am – 10pm where you can purchase basic food items, snacks and alcohol, an outdoor movie screen, laundry, 8 dorm rooms and 4 private rooms, a camping grounds, an outdoor bar area, a free shuttle bus that will take you to the township, the Greyhound and Premier Bus stops an to the National Park for nature walks. There is also a large kitchen with a lot of fridges and storage space, an indoor large projector screen that plays movies every night and above all, a very chilled out and respectful vibe.

The vibe

This is not a party hostel. This is like a tropical getaway resort. You can spend days just lazing by the pool or in the hammocks and never actually leave the hostel grounds. It’s easy to loose track of time here. However for those more active, you can head to the beach, skydive, take a walk to find the illusive cassowary, climb a mountain or swim with the turtles. Read all about how to spend your time in Mission Beach here

Work for Accommodation info

jackaroo hostel mission beach pool2At the time of writing the hostel is still looking for more work for accommodation guests. The duties include housekeeping and bus driving. Housekeeping shifts are 3 hours long and are a great way to sweat out your toxins early in the day.

The best bit is that you can just pop in your earphone sand work away for a few hours, then jump straight in the pool afterwards as a reward! The bus divers are in demand and see you driving the hostel’s free shuttle bus service to and from the hostel to the supermarket, national park and the Greyhound and Premier Bus stop. The views on this drive are to die for. Simply stunning! You can find out more about the hostel at or contact Robert – the hostel owner directly here (tell him that Monique and Chilli sent you!)


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