Whether you’re dreaming of spending a year in Australia or you’re here and running out of money, one of the best ways to experience true Aussie life is to get a job and get to know the locals. In Australia we work hard and we play hard, so if you think you have what it takes, read on to find out how you can find job opportunities in Australia.

How to find a working holiday job in Australia

We’re talking short-term, (hopefully) fun work here. Those kinds of jobs where when you walk out at the end of the day and leave your work issues at the door. No late-night emailing, minimal stress and a reasonable paycheck that allows you to eat, sleep and keep travelling. These kinds of jobs are generally of the hospitality, farm work, roadhouse, sales and fruit-picking varieties. We LOVE these kinds of jobs as they allow you to try your hand at new things, be in new places and meet new people… constantly! Sound like your kinda thang? Well here is how you can find jobs like these around Aus.

  1. gumtree. This is the first place that you should look. Most employers will advertise their jobs on gumtree because it’s free and widely used by locals and international tourist alike. gumtree also allows you to search throughout the whole of Australia for a job, or a whole state by keyword. For example, we would often search for the keyword ‘couple’ in the ‘jobs’ category and just see what would come up. That is how we found both our Belyando Crossing roadhouse job and the Scenic Rim Trail positions. For our most recent job in North Queensland, we knew we wanted to be on either Magnetic Island or Mission Beach, so we searched for all jobs within 300kms from Townsville.
  2. Workabout Australia is a great way for travelling workers to find jobs in Australia. They only advertise jobs that employers would be happy to take backpackers or travellers for and you can search for free. We have not had any personal experience with the website however have heard good things from employers.
  3. Regional jobs can be found via Rural Enterprise, Governess Auatrlaia and Teach Outback. Perfect for those who want to leave the (well) beaten Aussie tourist trail and get to know the desert, the cattle stations, the primary industries, the ‘real Australia’. After spending 2 months in the outback ourselves we very much recommend the experience. It is something that cannot be duplicated and getting to know the lives and thoughts of people who live such a remote life is an opportunity that not many tourists or locals get to experience.
  4. Fruit picking jobs can be found via the Government search site of Harvest Jobs or the privately run Fruitpicking Jobs Australia. Fruit picking can be a great way to both get physically fit and make some coin. In the north you can work on banana, mango and vegetable (such as asparagus) and flower farms. In the middle and south of Australia you can pick apples, oranges, cherries, grapes (plus a variety of vineyard work) and pretty much anything else you can dream of. There is also a range of dairy farm work available in Victoria and Tasmania. The other way to find farming jobs is through a Working Hostel, however be wary, these can be more trouble than what they’re worth.
  5. Working holiday jobs or Workstay Australia are both sources of job openings ideal for backpackers, students and working holiday visa holders in Australia. Jobs range from admin to waiting tables, fruit picking to sailing ship crews.Well worth a browse if you don’t know what you want to do but are open to any possibilities!
  6. Via us! We try to stay in touch with our ex-workplaces and will publish to our facebook page and via our newsletter when the travel jobs we have held are open for new applicants!
  7. Facebook groups such as Backpacker Jobs in AustraliaBackpacker Jobs Australia or Australia Backpacker Jobs,  Work and Travel. Sometimes employers will post directly to these pages, especially hotels, regional pubs and families looking for au pairs.

Just remember that you need to check your ego at the door with most of these jobs. Nobody on the banana farm cares that you are a law student back home, nor does the roadhouse owner care about your thoughts on how they should build a website and conduct their marketing. Confused? Have a read of our article on How not to be a douchebag when working or woofing in regional Australia, as well as Six simple tips for bettering your chances at getting hired in Australia.

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How to find full time work in Australia

  1. Seek is the first point of call for professional appointments within Australia. If you’re after an administrative or managerial position, a job that you need a university degree to apply for, then Seek is where you want to be looking.
  2. Industry specific sites, such as Arts Hub for the arts. Most of these sites will allow you to search for free however you may need to subscribe to the site if you want to apply for the job. You can also apply for local government jobs directly through the council websites. Jobs are rarely advertised anywhere besides the council website so it is always worth checking. Council jobs range from library workers, to gardeners, events officers, town planners and a large amount of support and administrative staff. Local council sites can be found via a simple google search, such as ‘Melbourne City Council careers‘ or ‘Cairns Regional Council jobs‘.
  3. Ethical jobs Australia is a fantastic resource for finding a job that makes you feel goof about yourself, and like you are participating in making either the community or the world a nicer place. Great for social workers, admin staff, marketers, company directors, programs officers and green energy engineers.
  4. Finally, make sure your linked in profile is up to date and you’re searching their job opportunities often.

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