There are SO many variables to this question – how long will you travel for, what sort of travel adventures do you want to have, how will you travel, where will you travel? etc etc…

So, to make it easier we have come up with a simple-to-use customisable travel-budget-maker for your very own Great Aussie Road Trip. You can download the Great Australian Road Trip Budget Template here. It is the same template that we have used for our suggested Aussie Roadtrip Itineraries, and the same budgeting tool that we have used on our own travels. So it is tried and tested!

aussie roadtrip budget template

The template is SUPER easy to use and will walk you through how much you need to pay for a hire van or car, how much accommodation will cost, food, fuel and all the other bits and pieces that you may have forgotten about. Please feel free to give us feedback on this template as we have been using this and it works perfectly for us, but we want to know how to make it perfect for you too!

So please, don’t be shy, you can download the template below (just click Download) now and start planning your very own Great Aussie Road Trip.

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