I cannot say again just how lucky and thankful we are to have won such an amazing prize package from Turu, Britz and Tourism NT. Not only did we get to travel in style in our Britz van for a week, we were able to plug in at amazing campsites as well as taking a Helicopter Flight over Kakadu National Park, as well as one over the Katherine Gorge (pictures to come shortly!). 

This is an experience that neither of us will ever forget. Kakadu is an incredibly moving and powerful place to visit from the ground, however from the sky you can really take on the scale and majesty of this sacred land. We moved from arid dessert rock formations, to wetlands with sandy-bottomed lakes. Trees jutted out of the most impossible of places and were surprisingly lush and green as we had timed our visit for early April, to make the most of the remnants of the wet season, but without the tropical downpour! 

We flew with Kakadu Air and had a terrific experience. Our pilot was young and cheerful as well as knowledgable. I cannot even attempt to put into the words how jaw-dropping the scenery was, so I wont. I will let the photos do the talking… so here is a small collection of the millions of photos that we took from the air, flying high about Kakadu National Park. 


Stay tuned for more photo galleries and stories from the NT!

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