Imagine getting paid to write about all the amazing places that you are seeing on your big Aussie road trip. What is what WeekendNotes is. Pretty sweet hey! WeekendNotes is all about suggesting places and events to others. See something fantastic – just NEED to share it, well WeekendNotes is the place.

You will need to be fluent, or close-to fluent in English to write for WeekendNotes and be able to form full sentences. Besides that you’re good to go! If you’re an Australian Citizen for tax purposes (ie, you’re residing in Australia) you will need an ABN – which is free to apply for. If you’re not an Australian resident for tax purposes then they will pay you via paypal and no ABN is required.

At the time of writing this article (February 2016) I have been writing for WeekendNotes since October 2015 and have made over $600 since then. That’s not too bad for something that I do as a little bit of fun on the side.

How do you get started with WeekendNotes? I’m glad you asked. WeekendNotes runs a scouting program where existing writers can sign up new members and assist them through the first few articles they write. That is what I would like to do for you. You can CLICK HERE to see more info and sign up. It is free to sign up, so even if you decide it’s not for you after the first few article, then no harm done.

How do I make ‘da money? WeekendNotes pays per view (CPM) of an article. The rate per view is based upon the length and quality of your article (as assessed by the editors). I have found the editors fair and helpful – so it is not difficult to get a high score. Once you have score you wil be given a CPM. The CPM value is the amount you will receive for every 1000 readers. The highest CPM is $10.

WeekendNotes say that the average article pays $8, however I have found that while some articles bomb and only end up paying $3 or $4 and others, like Outdoor Cinemas this Summer paid $42, Johnston Street Fiesta 2014 paid $52 and Free Music in Melbourne This Summer and Summer Daytrip: Mornington Peninsula Beaches both paid $35.

You also get paid for awards given by the page administrators for great, well thought out or super on-point articles. These awards can add up really quickly. See the below for my first months payment from WeekendNotes. Another way to make money throug WeekendNotes is to get a link to your article featured on another website, you can be paid $20 for each link that is published on another site. 

There is money to be made. You can see that the articles above are not overly difficult to write, it just takes a time and care. 

What if I made not an Australian resident? It doesn’t matter, you can still write and get paid. WeekendNotes can pay up to $75AUD per month without an ABN or supplier statement. If you generate more than $75AUD per month (which is easily possibly) then WeekendNotes will pay out the $75 and roll the remainder over to the next month, so you can’t look at it like savings. If your email not an Australian resident with an ABN you will be paid via PayPal, so can easily continue to write and receive money while you’re continuing your travels outside Australia (like sitting on the beach in Thailand or Cambodia) or as a second income source back home. 

Are there any other perks? Yes there are. As you work your way up the rankings board you will start to be invited to event and activities to write about them. I have received invites to launch events, art openings, theatre shows and know people in other areas have been invited to go bungee jumping and on tours!

Remind me how I sign up. Use THIS LINK here. If you want to go poking around the WeekendNotes site then choose to sign up, be sure to come back here and USE THIS LINK to become a scout of mine. Otherwise I cannot see your article that go up and give you pointers.

Happy writing travellers!

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