What Equipment Do I Need For An Australian Roadtrip?

This, by far, was the most daunting part of the trip preparation for us. We were starting from scratch. We had to buy the car, tent, power source, torches, suitcases, hiking boots, portable kitchen – basically everything besides our underpants. We were both casual campers, not experts but more enthusiasts. We were armed with google and lust for knowledge. We picked the brains of every camping shop staff member in the city and surrounding area and came up with an equipment list that has seen us through some interesting weather conditions and not failed us yet (touch wood!).

We want you to have as great of an experience as we are, so we are documenting all our equipment, the good the bad and the ugly and passing on our experiences to you. Have a scan through our articles below for detail about our camping kitchen (coming soon is a review of our tent, power source and a lot more), and if you’re interested there are links below for the items we LOVE and recommend you do not leave home without.

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How to stock your mobile camp kitchen

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Our first home!

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How to fit a fully-functioning kitchen into the back of your car and still have space for all your girlfriend’s crap

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Pre-departure expenses

As you can well imagine, we needed to purchase a fair amount of tools, toys and necessities before departing our ...
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