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We both LOVE to work with our hands. Sitting idle is not our style, we prefer to be covered in grime, grease and food, than sit behind a computer all day. But alas, not ever country allows us to work for a wage (nor should they, each country must protect its own economy and local workers). This means though that we do need to do a certain amount of ‘computer’ work to try to make a little bit of extra pock money from time to time.


Black Sparrow Threads

Street wear for Pirates and Punks. This is Monique’s business. She has sold a bunch of shirts online and is stocked in a few boutiques in Australia. Get yours now!

Great gift ideas for travelers and nomads

Travelers are very hard to buy for, trust us, we have been trying to find great gifts for each other for over 8 years now! Giving a traveler a physical gift can be like giving them a responsibility, a ball and chain. We need to be living light, able to fit everything into a backpack and heading off towards the sunset at the drop of a hat. So what do you get for the traveller in your life to show them that you care? Here are a few of our suggestions, plus purchasing these great gifts via this page will result in a commission for us, which keeps us on the road for longer.

A year’s subscription to Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters are the biggest housesitting website globally with opportunities to stay for free in Spanish bedsits, Australian rural properties, Central American villas and much much, much more. We are huge advocates of Housesitting.  The membership fee will allow your loved one to apply for housesits internationally. It’s like giving them a house for a year! Click here to learn more.

A digital lonely planet guide

No travel research would be even close to complete without a deep read through the Lonely Planet guide for the country you’re planning to visit. Nowadays though, modern backpackers do not have to schlep around heavy books to have this amazing resource at their fingertips, you can download e-readers and make the most of your wait time at train stations an on planes. This also means that you’re not weighing down your traveler friend/niece/son/partner with heavy books! Be sure to skip over to Lonely Planet’s website to give your loved one access to the world’s BEST travel guides. Our top gift tip: grab them a bundle of e-readers for their next destination, e.g. South America on a Shoeshtrip guide, plus the country guides for Argentina and Chile. Maybe throw in a Best of Travel 2017 if you’re not sure where they’re off to. 

Keep them safe, with travel insurance

It’s a large annual cost for those living overseas, and it’s one way that you can feel better about our loved ones being away. We use and recommend World Nomad because they are cheap and reliable. They are also the Lonely Planet travel insurer of choice – so that is a pretty good recommendation too! You can get a quote here for your loved one, all you will need to know is their name, age and where they will be travelling to.  

 The gift of a comfortable bed and a hot private shower

If your kids, nieces, nephews or other loved ones have been on the road for a while they will be used to living with the sort of inconveniences that budget travel offers. Cold showers, plastic mattresses, dirty bathrooms, campsites with no security and hostels without locks on the doors. Treat them to a few nights of luxury with a hotel room for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary… or just because you want to let them know that you care. Search the widget below for ideas.