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Travelling with Food Allergies

Backpacking With a Food Allergy

What goes into your backpack for a big trip? Socks and jocks. Do you opt for functional travel-wear or fashion when you're on the road? Sneakers, thongs (flip-flops for you non-Aussies out there!), a...

Why I Chose to Travel Japan solo with a shellfish allergy

Since I was diagnosed as anaphylactically allergic to shellfish and crustacea, I have not travelled overseas except to visit family in Chile. Like I mentioned in a previous post, this was a relatively safe...

You mean, a prawn can kill me?

It was a vegetarian dumping that landed me in the emergency department one Saturday night. On our way home from a show, we grabbed some food to go. I always knew that prawns had...
Elqui Valey Asado

Traveling Chile with Food Allergies

I don't leave home without my epi pen and a box of antihistamines. I am anaphylacticly allergic to shellfish, and also to a much lesser (and less life threatening) degree lactose intolerant. Anai is also...



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