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Making money on the road

How do you make money when you don't have a home base and sometimes don't have a work permit for that country?! (YIKES!) Well... this is how we do it and stories of how others do it. There are of course a LOT of ways to make money on the road, this is just a sample to whet your appetite.

How to find a working holiday job in Australia

Whether you're dreaming of spending a year in Australia or you're here and running out of money, one of the best ways to experience true Aussie life is to get a job and get to...

The Results Are In: You CAN Afford To Travel Australia

Think you can't afford to travel Australia? Think again... One year of living on the road between NSW and Queensland, avoiding the winter cold and seeing some epic shit cost us less than what...

How to get a job in Australia

We have been a recruiter for a number of hospitality and corporate positions and there are some mistakes that we see many tourists and international visitors make time and time again. We WANT you...

Get paid to write about your favourite places with Weekend Notes

Imagine getting paid to write about all the amazing places that you are seeing on your big Aussie road trip. What is what WeekendNotes is. Pretty sweet hey! WeekendNotes is all about suggesting places and...

How not to be a douchebag when working or woofing in regional Australia

We cannot believe the amount of horror stories that we have heard from business owners, particularly in regional areas, that have had travellers working or woofing with them and just absolutely taken the piss....

The Story of Two City Kids In Cattle Country: Belyando Crossing

The diary of two travelers working in an outback roadhouse What happens when two city kids, border-hipsters at that, head into regional Queensland, 200kms from civilisation for 8 weeks of flipping burgers for truckies and...

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