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Logistics of cooking on the road

You only have a set amount of space in your car on a road trip, or weight allowance for your backpack. Sometimes you are contained by what the hostel can offer you in terms of pots and pans, and other times you cannot get the ingredients you need. There are so many logistical problems with cooking well on the road - join us as we try to tackle them all - without any bloodshed or divorce.

Backpacking With a Food Allergy

What goes into your backpack for a big trip? Socks and jocks. Do you opt for functional travel-wear or fashion when you're on the road? Sneakers, thongs (flip-flops for you non-Aussies out there!), a...

How to fit a fully-functioning kitchen into the back of your car and still...

Our main objective when setting up the camping kitchen was that we wanted to have all the equipment in the world, but unfortunately there wasn’t much space in my car for this, considering that...



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