Overall rating

Not bad for a commercial camping grounds. We think that maybe there just needed to be a separate space for tents/ unpowered setups so we did not have to listen to ‘Deal or no Deal’ and ‘Family Fued’ on our neighbours TVs every night. We’re aware that our experience maybe swayed by the great site that we had, tucked away, full grass and large. Had we been in the middle of van-city that was at the front of the park, our stay might have not been as relaxing as it was. Overall, worth checking out.

Burrum Heads Sunset viewsAs we travel the wide land of Australia with our portable first home, we intend to share our findings and experiences in order to assist others doing the same. As such, please find our series of campsite reviews, including this one below. Full list can be found at this link.


Burrum Heads Caravan Park

Address: 42 Burrum Street, Burrum Heads

Location: Riverfront, on what seems to be the main and only road in town. Very close to great views.

Cost for an unpowered campsite: $27 per night for 2 people

How to book: online via beachfronttouristparks.com.au or call 07 4129 5138.

Nights we stayed: 2 nights, from Thursday to Saturday in July 2015.


A little about Burrum Heads

Burrum Heads WaterfrontWe chose to stay at Burrum Heads as a slightly cheaper and quieter alternative to the tourist mecca of Hervey Bay. Truth be told, we were running away from our original plans of staying a few days at Rainbow Beach. After arriving at Rainbow Beach we both knew we did not really want to spend too much time there. The town seemed nice enough, but there were a few too many people drinking at the local club before midday and the caravan park only offered small and expensive tent sites. So Burrum Heads was selected on the map, with little to no knowledge (besides a quick google images search) about the place.

We were delighted when we rolled into town. Burrum Heads appears out of nowhere heading north from Maryborough, and is the end of the road. You wont find yourself passing through this sleepy town to get elsewhere else. The town consists of a small supermarket, a bakery, a fish and chips shop which also does Kebabs on Tuesdays (the sign was still out when we arrived on Thursday), two caravan parks and a couple of streets full of holiday rental houses.

Calling this town sleepy is an understatement. The entire town backs onto the Burrum River and where the river feeds into the ocean. The water is crystal clear, the fish are biting and the mood… relaxed.


General campground comments

Burrum Heads campgroundsThe Burrum Heads Caravan Site has well sized and spaces sites. We were lucky to get a full grass site however as most have concrete slabs to accommodate the many large vans that are parked there. The facilities list on the website may need some adjusting, as it mentions there is a camp kitchen as well as BBQs, which to us implies at least a gas burner and/or fridge. There are no such facilities at the park, but it did not dampen our stay (however it may have if we did not have a self-sufficient kitchen setup – so beware). There are a lot of BBQs in the campground however, so bring your sausages!


Site-specific comments

We had site 117, which is in the bottom corner of the park. This worked well for us as it meant we were not surrounded by big van setups on all sides. Most of the park is full of HUGE motorhome and RV setups. The sites are large (maybe 15x10m) however we were camped next to the end of the grassed access-way to did have the ability to use that as park of our site also, which made it seems little bigger. The park is grassy and dotted with trees, so shade is no issue either. The only issue was that with so many large portable homes around us, the noise pollution from their TVs and radios was a little more than we liked, but it did not last long into the night.


Facilities and amenities

There are two bathroom bocks in the park, one larger than the other, both sparking clean. Both boast hot and forceful showers also, bliss! The smaller of the bathroom blocks backs onto the laundry facilities. The park also has a boat ramp and office full of local and district info.

The largest of the BBQ areas at the back of the park, is a popular hangout at about 5pm daily with most of the grey nomads congregating for a wine or rum, and a good gasbag. Actually, that pretty much sums up this caravan park: grey nomads, getting along, drinking wine and the sun sets. Not a party atmosphere at all, but if you’re up for a sherry at sundown and a chat about whether the fish were biting today or not, then this is your place.


Location comments

Burrum HeadsThe park is right on the river, and has a walking trail that leads in both directions. Located right next to the supermarket, this park is in the middle of town (not that the town is all that large).

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