DSC_0159So we were in Noosa, sub tropical paradise in beautiful Queensland, we were running away from Melbourne’s winter, so far everything was perfect, the sun was shinning and the wind was balmy warm and the days by the river were beautiful, cooking in that weather was cheerful and light, and we would strive to not turn the stove for too long…. Until the Arctic Front hit Australia. The wind turned and it was chilly as hell… we had to dig into our packs to get that forgotten first layer we had not used since Chile’s early winter night’s asados. Then the rain came, and half of the fun of camping seemed to be fading away quickly and everything was getting fucked, until we decided to take advantage of the weather and make some hearty, full of goodness, rich, comfort food for dinner. And it worked.

This meal can be made for under $10 per person.


– 300grm of cheap casserole steak, cut into 2cm dices.
– 1 big potato diced
– 1small piece of pumpkin diced
– 1tin of corn kernels
– 1 handful of green beans, sliced little
– 2 tablespoon of rice (not white, for a big rant about it see our Sausage and Veggie Stew recipe for the rice rules)
– 1 tin of tomatoes or 2 ripe tomatoes diced.
– 1 tbls of powdered chicken stock.
– Salt, Pepper, Chilli, Sugar n Oil.
– 1 onion diced
– 1 clove of garlic. finely chopped.
– Water.
– 1 pot that can fit all of the above.

I would recommend to make this one when you are either cooking in a fire pit, or when you have access to a proper kitchen, or when you are not using your precious gas, since you will need at least good half hour of boiling this baby to get the best results. I say this because I carry around a hiking stove that uses disposable isobutene-propane gas, which happens to be pretty expensive in Australia, luckily most of the times we have either access to the campground kitchen and/or barbecues or we are allowed to make a fire in our site, so we could enjoy those meals that require patience and a chilled out attitude towards heating times.


– Warm up the oil in your pot first. Make sure its hot, don’t be an impatient idiot and start putting thing inside a cold pot because everything will end up bland, and shitty, like your lazy impatient face.
– Throw half of the garlic with the onions and a little pinch of sugar in it, sauté them in medium – high heat til they are a bit transparent.
– Making sure there is still enough hot oil in the pan first, and if not, fix it by adding oil and letting it heat up. Chuck the beef cubes and the remaining garlic in it and get them golden brown. Add salt, and pepper and give them a good stir so you don’t burn the onions. Add a tablespoon of chicken stock and keep frying.
– Add the potatoes and the pumpkin to it and a little bit of salt, maybe some herbs if you wanna get creative n shit,
– Chuck in the tomatoes keep stirring, so nothing sticks to the bottom of the pot. For about 2-3 minutes.
– Now the base of the stew is ready, add 1 cup of water (maybe more maybe less, check the consistency and think some of it will evaporate but not much. If you don’t add enough water, you can always add a bit more, but if you went over, you fucking ruined this for everyone and you deserve to be kicked out of the tent.
– Add the rice
– Add the corn
– Add the green beens
Wait patiently til the rice is cooked, (about 15min) and your ready to eat.
ps: if you used fresh tomatoes, you might need to add a bit of sugar so your result is not too acidic. If this was your choice, you beef stew liquid will be thinner, if you used tin tomatoes it would be thicker… both results are delicious in its own account.

Enjoy, and you are welcome.

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