At the risk of sounding like a ‘typical Millenial’, I hate being an adult. It has been just under 6 months since we re-entered normality (or as we like to call it adulting) and we cannot wait to leave it. Not that we don’t love it here in Mission Beach, we do, we just hate all that we have had to do to stay here for 6 months and that has certainly tainted our experience a little. We’re now on the countdown to flying out of Australia and we cannot wait pack out shit and hit the road. 

We want to leave behind all the adult responsibilities that we have created for ourselves here. The little niggling annoyances that come along with having a regular life. The bits that every adult hates but not many will ever dream of breaking away from. I’m talking about having a house. A job. Bills to pay. Weekly grocery shopping. Being tired from work, tired from dealing with your useless rental agent, tired of bing on hold to your electricity company, phone company, gas company or whoever it is that has overbite you this month. 

Tired of working to make other people rich and not getting any thanks in return. Tired of not having days off with your partner to explore new places and enjoy life. Tired of having to reply on unreliable people. Tired of living the same day over and over again. Tired of it all. 

Adulting sucks. Hard. 

I saw a video online this morning that prompted this post. I really hope it was a parody, but I feel like it’s not. It was published by CNBC and was a message from ‘self-made millionaire’ Grant Cardone. The video gives us these pearls of wisdom (paraphrased, you can watch the video for yourselves here). 

For all the travel that millennial do, our lives will likely be no better at the end of it, and our finances will likely be worse off. He recommends that instead of travelling we ‘pay the price today’, and work hard to gain marketable skills so that we can ‘pay any price’ in the future for travel.  

Lost? I was too at this point… but give it time, Mr Millionaire does go on to explain himself in the next slide with this gem,

“I can travel the world in my own plane today because I put in the hard work and became serious about my career when I was 25”. 

Ohh it all makes sense now. I forgot for a second that money make the world go round. That many people would much prefer to fly their own private jet and stay in luxury resorts, ensuring that they sit above everyone else, drink different water form the locals, have different food, use the only western toilet and phone connection in town, rather than actually experience the world around them. 

A quick bio check on Mr Millionaire will tell yo the is a very busy man. He owns and runs 4 companies, is a top selling author, consults to Fortune 500 companies, is an inspirational speaker and a whole raft of other things. Imagine taking your private jet to Madrid for the weekend and having all that following you around? Imagine constantly having to be connected to a mobile phone to make sure that your life does not fall down around you. Sounds to be like poor Grant Cardone needs a holiday. But he has worked hard, he can surely now pay anything he wants for his travels. But can he escape the reality he has built around himself?

Now… lets be clear. I think everyone should be able to lead their life the way they want to, so long as they’re not harming anybody. However I fear that his video is hurting people. This single idea that making money is the main point of life is just so warped and dangerous. It can lead to depression, suicides and family breakups. It can lead to constant anxiety and health issues within young people who should not be under this much stress. I know because I have been there, and I left that life for a reason. 

Now that I am back in this reality of ‘normal life’, albeit a short-term version of Grant Cordone’s world vision, and I can’t wait to break free again. Give me back my life of instability, beach-dwelling days and new experiences. Of not knowing where my next paycheque will come from, but trusting that it will come. I do not ned to put my life on hold now and put up with annoyances of adulting, for experiences that may or may not come later. 

This millennial wants to want to live now and avoid the bullshit altogether. 

Mr Millionaire, well done to you. I really do hope that you are happy. But your life, the one that means working for a company who does not care whether I am paid sufficiently (or correctly) for my hours worked, the reality that leads me to be passed around to 12 different call-centre staff within any given company just to get one question answers, the reality which means that I an too tired, too annoyed and too damn drained to look after myself at the end of the day… you can keep that reality to yourself.

While you’re at it… try keeping your opinions about a generation that you are not a part of to yourself also. 

Millennial out.

P.S. For those who found Mr Millionaire’s view a little off-skew, head to the full article to really get your blood boiling. 

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