Partners in crime, travel and life, Anai (aka Chilli) and Monique left their cosy Melbourne lives in April 2015 and embarked on a journey that would allow them to live the life they were dreaming of. A life of travel. A life of adventures. A life of tropical beaches, mountain crests and desert landscapes. Follow them as they continue to live the dream: a life that you don’t need a vacation from, all the while continuing their longstanding debate:

What is the true colour of sunshine? Yellow or Orange?

Our Story

Early in 2014, we were living together and celebrating our happy lives and engagement after 5 happy years of coupledom. On paper we were living the dream. In our late twenties/ early thirties, both with stable jobs in the industries that we wanted to be in. Anai was a Head Chef and Monique the General Manager of a festival. We were making good money and somehow spending it all too. On Saturdays we cleaned the house, headed out for brunch then did our weekly shopping. We hosted friends for BBQs and drinks in our huge house in the suburbs. Life was good.

We had spent the past 18 months getting the house exactly how we wanted it. It was a thrill to be living in a big house, with not one but two gardens after residing together in one-bedroom apartments for the past four years. Hello domestic bliss! But what happens when you have everything that you thought you wanted, and you have not yet seen your mid-thirties? Incredible boredom. Add to that the social pressure for us to buy a house (we were happily renting), have kids, plan our wedding and generally get stuck in the hamster wheel of life and we were ready to run for the hills.

So that is (in sorts) what we did. Read all about how we saved money for our big adventure here. In just over 12 months we were standing in our driveway, the car packed with all our worldly possessions, ready to drive north. We jumped in the car and drove north, and have not stopped moving since.  

Goodbye hamster wheel, hello horizon!

ANAI(aka Chilli) is adamant that the colour of sunshine is orange. Originally from Santiago, Chile, Anai is a Jill of all trades. She goes by the alias of Chilli here in Australia, a  even longstanding friends sometimes struggle to remember that Chilli is not her birth name.

After studying and embarking on her carer as a political journalist in Chile, she relocated to Melbourne Australia in 2008 to complete her Masters of Communication. Chilli has a deep passion for social justice and freedom and is an anarchist at heart. After completing her Masters Degre at Melboure University, Chilli found that she had fallen in love with Australia and spent the next 8 years gaining her permanent residency status. She also discovered a passion for cooking and all things food-related in the commercial kitchens of Melbourne.

After cooking in and managing a range of kitchens, Chilli is now a hospitality consultant assisting those with new businesses to get off the ground or those who may wish to revamp their menus, kitchens, processes or public images.

Chilli wants to travel the globe exploring local cuisines, cultures and of course using her natural charm to make friends in every town. She is currently whipping up culinary delights in the kitchens of North Queensland.




believes the colour of sunshine is yellow. Monique is a reformed workaholic. An event, arts and hospitality manager by trade, Monique also works online as a Virtual Assistant and runs her own eCommerce store. 

In 2009, after seven years working in the hospitality industry both locally and abroad, Monique developed a severe food allergy which meant moving away from a profession around food until she was able to manage the anxiety and issues that come with being diagnosed with an anaphylaxis. Monique also completed her University degree in Business and Event Management at about this time, which lead to her being able to move away from the irregular hours of hospitality life and into an office-based role. Fast forward six years and Monique has moved from event assistant roles, to administration and eventually was the General Manager of a large not-for-profit arts and cultural Festival. This quick rise to the executive life took its toll, and after seeing the way big business is conducted, Monique wants nothing to do with it.

Monique is now rekindling her love affair with food and the hospitality industry (away from the evil shellfish that she is allergic to – aka the arch nemesis) and hopes to share with you some tips to travelling with a food allergy.

Monique currently balances her nomadic freedom with her eCommerce endeavour Black Sparrow Threads, Virtual Assistant work and makes sure to keep her hand in the hospitality industry, just to keep her grounded! 

Together we make a great team. Both driven by a passion for an happy and balanced life, and a lust for travel!

Join us as we take this journey in leaving behind our comfortable lives in Melbourne, Australia, and seek a lifestyle that we do not need to take a vacation from. We will bring stories of travel, people, places, culture and celebrations globally, opinion and most importantly, food (with a focus on being allergy-friendly, healthy and cooked with love).

*Please be aware that the Colour of Sunshine is a for-profit blog (one day we hope to actually make a coin out of this baby) so some of the products discussed will land us with a commission if you choose to purchase. That does not mean that we promote them blindly or without really believing in them. We stand behind every product on this site.